1. Experience over Status As M-Venture we are out to enable the Best Nights for our young urban target group. In order to do so, we make sure to ask them what they want – and found out they want experiences – so we give them experiences. As Jägermeister as well as through our investment in Taste Tours, as they want people to experience food the way they never did before.
  2. Longer Nights are better Nights  We know that the Best Nights start way before heading to the club. Spending time with friends, meeting interesting people and discovering amazing, high-quality food and drinks will play an important role in it.
  3. We are building a Best Nights platform – and Taste Tours offers a strong entry point to the Best Nights journey. There is also potential to connect Taste Tours and our previous investments to become a more mature consumer-facing platform.
  4. We believe in the founders – All of the Co-Founders bring relevant entrepreneurial experience to the table. Steffen is the founder of the Waterkant Group, a tour provider and thus strong at operations and tour management. Malte is the founder of Foodguide, a Europe-wide restaurant network and an expert in influencer marketing. Patrick co-founded Geheimtipp, a content platform focusing on going out and is an expert in marketing and finance. We believe that, by combining their strengths and authenticity, they will become one of the most influential food tour providers in Europe.
  5. Part of the Scene – The Co-Founders understand restaurant owners and food lovers alike, because they are restaurant owners and food lovers themselves. They have been part of the scene for many years and share a passion for excellent food and drinks and the stories behind the creators of such culinary experiences.
  6. Social Currency – Taste Tours offer a great opportunity to create and capture memorable and shareable moments, a social currency for both restaurants and consumers.
  7. Special Network Effects – There are significant synergies regarding the bar and restaurant network as we will be able to offer existing customers a new value-adding service and gain new clients on the go. Meanwhile, Taste Tours can also benefit from our Marketing and Sales Channels, resulting in a Win-Win situation.