1. 2 companies – 1 mission – both Woov and M-Venture believe that Best Nights make our lifes unique and are truly amazing. At the same time we believe that there are various things holding the young urban people back from having amazing experiences and that Woov´s technology certainly helps here.
  2. The magic of festivals –the Best Nights of the year are increasingly happening at festivals as they offer the opportunity to escape from an ever more stressful or dull average life. We believe the emotional aspects of these moments are truly unique and memorable.
  3. Professional Party People – Irfan and Sebas (the Co-Founders) did not design their product at an office desk, but with blood, sweat and tears of joy from the festival grounds. Irfan has previously built up ID&T legendary festival concepts like Mysteryland, Tomorrowland and World Club Dome.
  4. Truly Global – Woov thinks beyond national borders: just like our consumers and also like us. Once the app will have reached their target of festivals in 45 different markets (approx. at the end of this year), they are just 100 markets shy of the Jägermeister distribution and we are eager to help them get there.
  5. Consumer First – We have seen a lot of (cost-saving / revenue-expanding) technology solutions in that space, but they rarely focus on consumer pain points. The Woov app’s features such as finding your friends, connecting to the community as well as creating the perfect, personalized lineup, truly improve the experience.
  6. Open innovation– Woov understands that festivals are complex ecosystems and that real innovation can only be created in collaboration: their partnerships with MapBox or the with one of the most exciting fintechs/online banks are good examples.
  7. We Love Amsterdam – one of the leading Electronic Dance Music hotspots and the home to global (tech)players like Adyen, Booking.com, Picnic, Dott or MediaMonks, provide the right mindset and access to talent to build a global champion.
  8. More than $$$- while we look so much forward to collaborate with the Woov team and get to know their compelling and disruptive view on how tech can enhance the best experiences of your life (s. points 1-7), we believe that we can help them grow as well: festivals have been a home turf for Jägermeister and building a global brand is our daily business: together we will be better people (& companies)