1. Warriors with the same cause – ArtNight are building experience brands to bring people together offline, making them happy and creating great memories. We as M-Venture believe that making people go out more often is the best way to fight digital isolation and to enable Best Nights.
  2. A culture to fall in love with – ArtNight manages to maintain a highly productive, yet very personal and cooperative company culture. We love taking our shoes off at their office and join the After-Work parties from time to time.
  3. Inspiring founders – David and Aimie make up a perfectly complementary team. They impressed us from day one with their vision and personality. They are skilled and experienced professionals with ambitious goals and a strong reason why.
  4. Social Currency – ArtNights, ShakeNights, PlantNights and BakeNights offer a great opportunity to create and capture memorable and shareable moments (as well as physical memories in form of the created art pieces during ArtNights).
  5. We love Berlin – ArtNight was founded in and is still based in the beautiful German capital Berlin. As one of the main cultural, tech and start-up hotspots in Europe, we believe Berlin is a perfect starting point to revolutionize the way people get to know each other and gain new skills. At the same time it is a city our brand draws its inspiration from.
  6. Scalability and Network effects – There are significant synergies regarding the bar and restaurant network as we will be able to offer existing customers a new value-adding service and gain new clients on the go.
  7. We love artists – at Jägermeister we have a long history of supporting artists, from sponsoring to brand collaborations. ArtNight is enabling local artists sharing their knowledge, skills and building a network, which is a great way for us to support more artists.