After an intense week in HongKong / Shenzhen / Shanghai and meetings with leaders in Tech, Investments & Nightlife – here are Christophs 11 most memorable take-aways and the key reason why I believe that the Chinese success story will continue:

1) Unmatched trust and confidence in Chinese domestic market

No investor / entrepreneur I have met had an ambition for international growth but happy to take it on when it happens

2) Masters of gaming

One unique driver is the leap-frogging over console-gaming directly to mobile gaming leading to incredibly profitable e-games (Tencent)

3) Masters of short video (beyond China)

In addition to TikTok also other Chinese players like Kwai w/ now 7m DAU in Brasil and VC investors are still anticipating the next big thing in social media (Shunwei Capital)

4) VC / M&A now as a significant growth driver for tech giants (like Bytedance, Ali, Tencent)

While internal innovation also still drives substantial innovation: e.g. Tencent as only global player with 2 internally build 1bn+ user applications

5) GenZ driving complete new forms of innovation & communication:

Like cosmetic brand JudyDoll approaching USD 100m revenue after just 2,5 years by hyper-line-extending affordable eye shades (now 300+ colors)

6) 9-9-6 work ethic (9am to 9pm; 6 days per week) doesn´t allow for regular fun / alcohol consumption

~90% of business contacts I have don´t drink alcohol for pleasure (across all age groups)

7) Traditional retail concepts (like US-style malls) are beyond zenith

New concepts are breaking historic paradigms like IPMall or StarbucksReserveRoastery

8) Electronic music scene in the making

Pioneers are doing this form the ground, like Netease pushing the educational part with PointBlank DJ Schools

9) (Autonomous) Battery pack rentals have become a must-have

Across all retail & on-trade concepts (let´s see how long this will take for Charged-up in Europe)

10) Tech as an enabler of new lifestyles and micro-economies across all demographic groups

Like the old generation adapting WeChat services or my Taxi driver checking his 7 (seven!)  phone screens while driving (title picture attached).

11) Bright entrepreneurial future because idols are set right

I was amazed by how much people admired entrepreneurs like JackMa or investors like Zhang Lei and much rather meet people like them like entertainment celebrities.