A real consumer pain point – 76% of our core target group see empty batteries as a problematic pain point during best nights; 70% see a full battery as basic human need

A real on-trade pain point – 9/10 gastro partners are open for a new charging solution solution; 10/10 are annoyed by consumers asking to charge their phones

Living in the same universe – the key partners of ChargedUp are the bars, restaurants and night clubs: exactly where we have been shaping the industry for the past decades

Leveraging the right dynamics – ChargedUp´s business model is innovative, unique in Europe and builds on the right technology and trends, like sharing economy, mobile payments and IoT-enabled devices

Global perspective – the ChargedUp team shares our global vision and has already entered one new market within the first full year of business: we are keen to support the launch in many more to come

Hardware player, too – deep inside we are also a hardware player: we have distributed more than hundreds of thousand cooling devices into the best bars around the world and we are willing to share this expertise with our new partner

MVEN loves London – London is not only home to one of the finest night clubs in Europe but also the HQ of our UK organization and our SOHO Radio Station