• Jägermeister portfolio companies join in with unique innovations to #savethenight

  • Start-ups turn adversity into opportunity to deliver on their promise in times of crisis

  • Radical pivots like bringing thousands of micro-events online, replacing batteries with sanitizer, building a voucher platform for thousands of restaurants or launching virtual festivals

Nightlife was officially shut down almost worldwide in the last couple of weeks to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Where hedonistic self-determination and fun normally reign, millions passionately doing their jobs in clubs, bars and nightlife-related creative industries now struggle to make a living. We at M-Venture consider the measures taken by political leaders as absolutely necessary and reasonable, given our shared responsibility to contain the pandemic. However, we believe that nightlife holds an indispensable position within our society, both economically and culturally. Therefore Jägermeister is giving support to bartenders, creatives, artists, as well as the people who need to stay in their homes instead of going out, via the #Savethenight initiative.

We see ourselves as ambassadors and creators of Best Nights. At M-Venture we have a broader definition of Best Nights and thus support companies who are bringing people together by creating real, physical experiences in community as an investor. We believe that Covid-19 is accelerating changes in consumer behavior and that Best Nights will be re-imagined. “With nightlife and cultural venues closed and events being cancelled, our portfolio is creating Best Nights through new ways and helps to ensure that there is culture and nightlife to go back to once the pandemic is over” says Christoph Goeken, Managing Director of M-Venture. Here is an overview of the new, creative approaches our portfolio companies are taking in order to stay relevant in times of the pandemic and beyond:

ArtNight / ShakeNight / BakeNight / PlantNight are all bringing their events to the virtual world

Virtually overnight, the Berlin – based company ArtNight, moved their event formats online, bringing in their inherent creativity to coping with this unprecedented crisis. Instead of their usual painting, mixology, planting and baking classes, bringing people together in bars, bakeries and restaurants, it is now possible to experience their “Edutainment”-events at home through tutorials and live events to support the 500+ freelance event hosts and 80 employees of the start-up. Turning adversity into opportunity, they are creating new ways for nightlife and micro-events .You can learn more about this in their podcast “A Start-Up’s Journey in the time of Corona”: https://open.spotify.com/show/43mELacha4kAZdBLCJJPsE

Batteries out – Sanitizer in: ChargedUp are making sure people stay safe

London-based ChargedUp, who is building Europe’s largest phone charging network, lost 98% of its network of venues overnight. They wanted to find a way to utilize their resources, experience and network to be of service during these challenging times. The company is therefore converting its free-standing phone charging stations into hand sanitizing dispensers, to be used in supermarkets, pharmacies, train stations, shopping centres and hospitals. Their hand sanitizing stations can be used by the public free of charge, thus protecting people against spreading Coronavirus. ChargedUp is providing the hardware and the hand sanitizer at cost price to any venue in need. Venue owners across Europe can apply for a station via www.cleanedup.green . ChargedUp has already sold over 350 units to the National Health Service, care homes, and train operators in the UK.

TasteTours delivers close to EUR 1m of liquidity to bars & restaurants across Germany

TasteTours business is usually geared towards visiting restaurants – they offer their clients the opportunity to enjoy a food safari, bite by bite through the hottest restaurants. It goes without saying that at present all tours had to be cancelled. Therefore, the Hamburg start-up now supports the pressurized gastronomy industry with its initiative “Pay Now, Eat Later” that they have launched with two other food enthusiasts. Consumers can buy vouchers for their favorite bars, nightclubs, cafés and restaurants, the venues receive the full amount straight away and the consumers can enjoy their favorite drinks and food after the crisis. So far, the pro-bono initiative has delivered close to 1 million euros of liquidity to more than 1200 bars and restaurants across Germany.

Woov is launching the world’s first interactive digital festival platform

Amsterdam-based ‘festival tech’ startup Woov (www.woov.com) is also leveraging their tech platform to support the festival industry with its cancellation of almost all events and festivals this summer. Woov brings festival-goers, event organizers and artists together on a social platform before, during and after festivals. With the global population stuck at home and socially isolated during the outbreak, artists and festival organizers are seeking new ways to interact and connect more meaningfully with their fans. The digital ecosystem facilitated by Woov, can be both curated and experienced from the comfort and safety of studios and living rooms all over the planet. Woov is creating much more than just another streaming channel and will bring a new level of interactivity, social connection and community engagement to the space by leveraging both their market-leading festival technology and their global community of live music lovers and industry stakeholders.

If you are a festival organizer, artist, promoter, label or club and would like to create a more interactive virtual experience for festival-goers and fans, reach out to info@woov.com

If you are an early-stage start-up that shares our mission and want to join forces in your fight for nightlife and culture; please reach out to the M-Venture Team. Let´s fight for our right to party.