In the third of our ‘My City…’ series, looking at how nightlife has changed during the pandemic in cities around the world, Pierina Merino, CEO and founder of FlickPlay, shares her insights and experiences of nightlife in LA.

FlickPlay is a gamified video-sharing social app. FlickPlay uses gaming and AR content tools to power a new canvas for social storytelling. At FlickPlay, users can access creative AR experiences through their interactive map game and camera. Once videos are shared, they get gamified for the community to unlock points, and engage in content and leaderboard challenges with their friends and FlickPlay community.

“As a mobile app, the pandemic has actually been a great opportunity for us to scale our offering outside location-specific experiences and give our users more ways to engage with our app. But that does not mean that I do not miss the nightlife we had before!

“There are many incredible ways to experience a night in Los Angeles, but for me the two most unique to LA are the incredible concerts – especially intimate ones with up and coming bands at some of the legendary bars where big bands and stars have started their careers – and the private house parties, which are just like in the movies!

“Of course, with the pandemic the opportunities to experience these two things have become more limited, and so I have really enjoyed experiencing outdoor dining more than ever before during the pandemic at some of the city’s amazing restaurants.

“An interesting trend I have been following throughout the pandemic is the growth in online social gaming, which I know you have been talking about extensively with M-Venture. It is something different and quite exciting to see people finding new, virtual ways to socialise. In fact, there is even Kippo (Covalent Inc.), a new dating app created by gamers, for gamers!

“Once this is all over, I cannot wait to start travelling again, and the first place I want to go and experience and night out is Madrid. I just love to city and the culture, and it helps that we have some work responsibilities there!”