Nothing tastes better than love – dating has always been a key part of our Best Nights occasions. At Best Nights VC (previously M-Venture), we proudly announce our investment in Thursday, the dating app that works only one day of the week. Aiming to save you 6 days of tedious swipe and small talk, the Thursday app makes Thursday the most exciting day to be single, meet and date.

Based in London, Thursday has raised over £ 2million in this seed round from European VCs including Connect Ventures, Ascension Ventures, Best Nights VC and other angels. Below is a brief summary of our investment thesis on Thursday:

Why Dating:

From our own research on the young UK and US consumers, many identify awkward small talk (50% women and 40% men) and ghosting or no response (49% of men and 44% of women) as the biggest pain points for dating apps. Researchers discovered that users need a very large number of matches in order to have just a few meetups – as only 50 percent of them result in face-to-face encounters.

As our parent company Jägermeister has lit up countless intimate moments with sparks (or even flames), we want to support the best company to tackle the above problems, forge deep connections among people and create for the love birds more unforgettable memories.

Why Now:

No major dating disruption in the last 5 years since Tinder and Bumble – people are facing swipe fatigue and looking for new ways to meet others. Especially after COVID, people are looking for deeper social connections online and IRL. Dozens of dating investments have happened since the beginning of this year (e.g. Snack, Monet, Smitten) – consumers are calling for new online dating experiences as we can finally hug, meet and date after the pandemic.

Why Thursday:

Thursday is everything you want from a dating app but happens on only one day per week. Every Thursday, users open up the app and see people around you who also want to go on a date that day. The team is building a community of singles that match, chat and meet on the same day.

  1. Unique solution: Thursday perfectly explains the concept ‘less is more’. The one day per week and strict verification process connects people with the same frame of mind for spontaneous date, changing the ghosting, awkward in-app small talk to real offline dates.
  2. Super team: George and Matt have been true enthusiast for dating in the last 3 years. The two never run out of creative ideas for product and marketing. Learning from their last failed attempt in dating, the two ambitious co-founders have taken their precious learnings into Thursday and established a solid strategy from Day 1.
  3. Strong brand: Pre-product launch, Thursday has accumulated an amazing community of over 120k singles eager to date, most of which are female users. Users are hyperactive engaging with the brand and its community – some even started to flirt and date directly in the comment section on Thursday Instagram.
  4. Excellent early metrics: In two weeks of launch, Thursday proved its product-market fit: 40k downloads with nearly 15k matches. The app user is growing over 30% week on week, and already shows early monetization close to $40k MRR. We believe in its potential to excel in the long term.

Why Thursday Chooses Best Nights VC

“We’re super interested in the ‘bigger brand’ expertise that Best Nights VC are able to bring to the table. Being the investment arm of Jägermeister, there isn’t much they don’t know about the events and offline, a perfect match for Thursday in connecting members through experience.”

Currently the app is only 4 weeks old. The team is looking for more consumer feedback, and hiring product, tech talents and growth hackers to build the best consumer experience. Get in touch with the team if you are interested in building the next super dating app.

And don’t forget: Soon it’s Thursday again – if you are looking for the one in London or NYC, meet and date your cute on Thursday!