The pandemic and war in Ukraine have turned the world upside down. As a result of the coping strategies adopted by consumers and nations alike, new values and behaviors have emerged. This shift in perception and consumption is impacting the way we think about our communities, our industries, and our health. It is impacting the way we socialize and celebrate life.

The trend report “Best Nights 2030”, a joint publication by Best Nights VC and The Future Laboratory, details the qualitative and quantitative research from leading industry experts and more than 2800 consumers from Germany, the United States, and China on the future of nightlife.

You can expect deep insights into many of the macro-and microtrends moving consumers in the coming decade (tech-driven recreation, rise of the metaverse, revival of multi-sensory offline experiences, mindfulness, hedonism redefined).

Download the full report here (in German or English) here: